Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bracing myself

I finished the body of the Beautiful Bohus sweater yesterday. It IS beautiful. I was worried for a bit about the sizing, because I tried it on and it fits. As I hope to not be '24 weeks pregnant with twins sized' for long, I was nervous. But I showed Aaron, and he said that it went up a bit on my belly (the bottom of my belly is an area I haven't seen in a while), so it would be perfect later.

Thing is. I still need to steek it. I'm actually considering taking a day off work to go to the Woolpack and have them hold my hand as I do it. I've put so much time into knitting this, and I really love how it looks so far, I'm going to be pretty devastated if I ruin it. I called this morning, and the one woman who I thought could do anything knitting-wise is scared to steek! So that just makes it all even worse. I'm going to call back on Monday when the shop's owner gets back from vacation and we'll make a plan. I think it's funny that after 20 years of knitting, I'm being such a freaking wimp about this.

In the meantime, I'm going to be knitting on baby booties. I haven't even finished a pair yet, and wanted a bunch ready for when the girls arrive. I only had 2 pairs for the Fishling and daily I wished I had more and in a wider array of colors. Especially on the days that he spit up right ON the booties. So that is my next knitting project. Oh, and finally seaming up the February Baby sweater. Geez.

My birthday is less than a month away, and I find that every year around my birthday, I have a sweater that I'm dreaming of. Last year it was the Susie Hoodie, the year before the Kauni cardi (which, no I never finished) and this year it is Tempest that came to my attention from Zeneedle. It seems like such a wearable sweater! I'm planning on ordering that yarn this week. And next week? I'm totally getting some yarn from Goth Socks when they have their shop update on the 26th. I saw their yarn in person (Amanda got to go to the Sock Summit and brought some home) and besides being an AWESOME color, it's cashmere. Blessed, wonderful, soft cashmere. I needs it.



oh, baby girls...what fun!