Friday, July 31, 2009

Good God do I love this sweater

Does everyone remember the Yarn Harlot's obsession with the kits at Lettuce Knit for a sweet baby sweater? I loved them just as much as she did, and bought a girl and boy kit. I knit the first sweater in a day. The one I knit was technically the 'baby boy' color - because the baby girl one was on back order. Good thing I knit the boy one first - because we all know the Fishling looked adorable in it:

So, when I started listing out all the baby girl sweaters I was thinking of knitting, of course the second in the pair was on the top of the list! And yep - it's got me obsessing on knitting it just like the first one. I cast on for this Tuesday night, and this is where I am now:

I don't regret that I waited to find out what gender the Fishling was.... but I do have to admit that the flip side is a LOT of fun!



Glad you found your yarn to finish. It's really frustrating to run out so close to the end.