Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Knitting for me!

I ran out of yarn on the Tulips sweater (I forgot - the 'boy' version is Rocketry, the 'girl' is Tulips). I maybe need like an ounce more for the i-cord around the neck, and it's on it's way. But, instead of starting ANOTHER baby sweater (because now I have 6 newborn girl sweaters), I thought I would pick up on a sweater a started for myself about a month ago. I never even posted about it on here.... such a bad blogger.

One of the advantages of moving the yarn room was to find yarn I had bought for sweaters that I really wanted to make, but never started for whatever reason. Such is the case with the Bountiful Bohus from More Big Girl Knits:

This is a great cardigan, and I know I will wear it a lot. It has a nice cabled edging, and then loads and loads and loads of stockinette. I've finished the boring body knitting, and got a good start on the first sleeve. The fun will come with the colorwork in the yoke. The start was a bit rocky, I think I cast on the almost 300 sts 4 times, each time twisting the god damn thing. See, it's knit in the round and then steeked (eek! not thinking about that now). At the last cast on, when I discovered it was twisted AGAIN (fuck fuckity fuck fuck) I just cut it on the steek stitches and continued knitting. Let's hope that doesn't bite me in the ass later.

Aaron and I are on vacation this week, so we are having fun hanging out together, working on the house, and taking the Fishling to the lake to play in the water. Tomorrow he is having minor surgery - so think good thoughts for the little guy. I'm assured he will be fine, but I doubt I'm going to be sleeping very well tonight. I'll be glad for some mindless knitting in the waiting room, I'm sure.



Can't wait to see how your bountiful Bohus turns out.