Tuesday, June 23, 2009

She lives! And knits!

So. Yeah. This blog kind of sucks now, I know. But the reality of working full time, a 6 month old and a twin pregnancy has curtailed my knitting. And, when I'm knitting, I'm only knitting one thing. Which does not lend for much blog excitement. And for a long time, that one thing was a stockinette sock. Yup.

One shivers with excitement.

BUT! I was considering starting something new, when the Yarn Harlot posted about her Moderne Log Cabin blanket - and I realized, I never finished mine! Perfect knitting for the cold, rainy weather we've been having lately. And nice and mindless, which is important when you brain is being sucked out your uterus. I've made a lot of progress, but still have a long way to go:

The final bits are supposed to be 2 side by side blocks of grey and purple (it'll actually be on the top of this picture - purple on the left hand side and grey on the right). I'm not loving the grey, so I'm thinking I'm going to do orange instead of grey.




I vote for the orange.


More orange would be good. So much grey already.


I vote for the orange as well - it'll brighten it up a bit. It's really pretty as it is, though!


I vote orange too.

And what it took a twin pregnancy to do you in? Jeez. I was a crappy knitter with just one baby and a job.


I agree - more orange

Knitting time will be suspended soon so enjoy it while you can.


Yes more orange.

I can attest to the twin pregnancy thing taking a bit out of you and I didn't have a 6 month old at the same time! I can't begin to imagine how the heck you're doing it. I bow to you :)