Wednesday, February 13, 2008

180,576 stitches.

There is a small chance that I have become obsessed with knitting the Moderne Log Cabin Blanket. Here is where I am now (finshed with panel 6 of 9):

As I looked at the picture, I realized that it was lacking scale. Here is the same picture, with a large dog included for comparision:

In the end, this should totally cover a queen sized bed. That's a lot of garter stitch!

Right. So, as I've been knitting away, working on this blanket that is just miles and miles of garter stitch, (using heavyweight STR) I've become completly entranced by the fact that you can totally figure out exactly how long each block will take to finish! There is NO shaping, no seaming, nothing that would slow me down (or speed me up) in the knitting of this. A knit stitch is a knit stitch.

At first, I guesstimated how long it would take me by knowing how long each row was taking to knit. I'd guessed about 110 hours total. But then, I started figuring out each block once I started by how long a row took. But THEN! Then I got my inspiration. I timed how long a row took, divided it by the number of stitches in the row. I now know that I'm knitting at a speed of one stitch every 2 seconds. And then I did the math for each block... and added all the stitches together (180,576), multiplied that by the 2 seconds for each stitch, and divided by 3600 (60 seconds x 60 minutes), and I find that the entire thing (not including the applied i-cord edging) will take me 100 hours hours to knit.

I somehow find that very satisfying. And it works too! I discovered this about 2.5 blocks ago, and I've been right on target each time. The nerd in me freaking LOVES this. Off to start the next block - which, if you care to know - will take me 15 hours to knit.

And I'm now 38% complete. So happy.



Love the math!! It's very satisfying especially when you stay on target.

How in heaven's name did you get Henry to pose so well?


That math is so cool. I especially love the ease of the percent complete calculation!


Math is a very cool thing. But, although I wrote on Monday about unexpectedly liking plain st st (which, since I'm working it in the round, is mechanically the same as garter stitch), I don't think I could do that much garter stitch. You are clearly far more enlightened than I. Also, you have more dogs.


It looks great. It didn't look all that big until Abby layed on it.