Monday, June 29, 2009

The dismantling of the yarn room and lilies!

The twins will be living in the yarn room when they make their appearance in December. There is a HUGE amount of work to do to make that room 'livable'. It's the only room that we haven't done any work on - and it needs new flooring, wallpaper removal, painting and new windows. My stash has happily lived there and expanded over the past 5 years. In order to begin demo/renovations, the stash needs to move OUT. I started moving things into the guest room this weekend - and it was a bit daunting. Daunting, but doable. My goal is to make major progress by the end of the upcoming weekend. I'm doubtful -but trying to remain optimistic.

In the meantime, even though we have had minimal sun over the past month, my lily gardens are starting to show signs of life:

I planted hundreds of Asiatic lilies in one garden:

And then a huge amount of day lilies in a side yard:

I just love lilies, and I'm so glad they are starting to bloom.



I love those lilies too. Sorry you have to give up your yarn/studio space but I'm sure you're just happy to do it?! I'm looking forward to a time when I can do that too.

My turk's cap lilies have some spidery looking thing on them and aren't open like all the other lilies. Do you have any knowledge of that?


I hope the stash is not jealous of the new additions when they arrive!