Monday, May 18, 2009

A New Sweater for the Fishling

Since my girth is growing yet again - I'm focusing on knitting a few sweaters for the Fishling for the fall. I'm thinking that these may be his last hand knit sweaters for a while....

I brought the yarn for this sweater a while back at a Webs sale. I really like the look of the fingering/sock weight yarn for baby sweaters - although it's a bit of torture to knit sweaters on size 1 needles. Good news, is that the Fishling is still small(ish - he is over 20 pounds at 5 months)

This is Devon from Knitty. I've knit it before (back in 2005!). I did the 1 - 2 year size this time, hoping it would be a good fit this fall. I'll try it on the Fishling when he gets home from daycare tonight - to me it's looking a bit wide and short.... I hope it wearable after all the time I invested.

The back looks great too:

I'm currently knitting another baby item in sock yarn - this one is a dress for a baby that is coming in June (not my own!). I found the pattern on a blog I read - she said it took her 2 days to knit it. Sigh. It's not going quite as quickly for me. Maybe something to do with the current baby and the babies on the way taking time and energy from their mumma!



Small-ish is right! I'm not usually one for comparing kids, but Raley is now 14 months and still in her infant carseat because she's not quite 20 lbs yet! I think we're getting pretty close, but just not quite. Enjoy your little(ish) guy!


Love the sweater! What is your secret to finding time to knit? I've had the hardest time since Jillian was born.


So cute! I too am impressed that you can hold down two full-time jobs and knit.