Thursday, April 09, 2009

More Monkey's

I think this is my third pair of Monkey's? This time I used Schaefer Anne.

I have a few skeins of this in my stash. Beautiful, beautiful yarn.... felts like a mo'fo when I use it for my sweaty feet. It's all about the mohair for me.
These are a present for the Fishling's daycare teacher. The infant room is a 'shoefree homebase' - so each day, as I drop off the little guy, they comment on my socks. I finally had to explain that I only wear handknit socks, and yes - I knit them all. I joked around that I would knit them each a pair for their birthday's, only to find that Trish (his primary caregiver) had a birthday coming up on April 10th. I then decided that I would knit her a pair if I had yarn of her favorite color in my stash. Her favorites? Blues, purples, and greens. Since that is basically 90% of my socks yarn stash... I started knitting.
I'm also about 10 rows away from finishing my Majestic socks! Next up, maybe a non-sock project? I'm not sure.



Those are awesome!


So, so missed you at sock camp! (Yes, I know. Grown-up responsibilities. And I even understand and sympathize.)

Please tell me that you'll be at Sock Summit :-)


Very nice!