Sunday, November 09, 2008

Susie Hoodie! FO pictures!

This time change has really gotten the better of my FO pictures. We don't really have a full length mirror in the house (so no self-portrait options), and by the time Aaron and I get home from work - it's pitch black out. This weekend, I finally remembered to take some pictures of my Susie Hoodie.

First, let me tell you my tale of woe. I was just a smidgen off on stitch gauge, but WAY off on row gauge - so had to make some adjustments to the pattern. No biggie. But, when I tried on the sweater to show my knitting pals.... they were like - why are you making that to fit over your pregnant belly!?? And then I noticed that my small stitch gauge issue, when taken over this huge sweater, turned in to about a 4 inch difference. And I was already making a larger size than I needed. So - this sweater was ending up with about 8 inches of ease. Whoops. I figured that was fine - since this could just be worn more as a jacket.

On an unrelated, yet related note, we just got a new washer/dryer. Fancy, front loading washer and dryer. The way I normally block things is to throw them in the washer, let them soak, and then spin out. Well.... what I thought was that same option on my new washer, turns out - not so much. Let's just say that I'm REALLY thankful I had those extra inches to play with - because now, it fits perfectly (assuming the belly disappears in a few weeks). For your enjoyment - Susie Hoodie pictures, with the added bonus of seeing my 36+ week prego belly.

I would rate the pattern a big thumbs up - it's a nice simple yet fancy looking cable. Although - I feel like the pattern should note that the background of the cable is garter stitch - I thought it was a typo and my background is stockinette. I don't think it makes a big difference in the look of the cable - but that would have made it even easier to knit.

They also throw in bias shaping in the stockinette part - which I think really adds a lot to the sweater. The back has some really nice shaping:

And the hood! I'm normally not a hoodie fan - but I've worn this sweater 2 times since finishing it - both on rainy days - and I'm loving the hood:

I used a rather fancy/expensive yarn for this - Tahki Yarns Donegal Tweed - and totally not in my normal style, it was the yarn called for in the pattern. What a freaking awesome yarn. Even though mine is a bit felted now, I can tell you it really blossoms when washed - and is super nice. I've also wanted to knit a sweater in this nice bright blue color, and I'm glad I chose this pattern and this yarn together. This is going to be a staple of my mid fall/early winter wardrobe.

Now I'm off to block all the finished pieces of my Central Park Sans Hoodie! Another finished sweater!!!!



That looks really good.


What a great sweater! Any chance I could see it in person this week ... say, while handing off some orange sock yarn?


Very nice sweater!


Adorable! And fun to see you at 36+ weeks preggers! I can hardly wait for fishling to arrive!