Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Lots of digger progress

Well. At first I knew this sweater was too big. Now, I worry it's too small. But it isn't. It will be 25 inches across the chest - which is good. But when I asked the mom to give me a sweatshirt that fit well, she gave me one with the following notes: "Sleeves are right length but tight. Overall needs to be longer and a touch wider."

Um. I said a well-fitting sweater!?!? So I worry that I'm not upsizing enough. The little guy is totally obsessed with diggers NOW so I want him to be able to wear this NOW. Here is the current progress (ignore the messy desk and the fact I couldn't get my belly out of the picture):

I finished the back and both arms. I was going to start the front, but I know I'm going to run out of yarn - and when I called Webs for more, they don't have this dye lot. I'll knit the front in the different dye lot - I don't think it'll be an issue. I need to wait for my new yarn to arrive...

So I pulled out the Central Park Hoodie. I have like 2 inches left to knit on a sleeve, and I'm ready to start the hood (or not start the hood, as in my case). So - looks like that is going to be a finished sweater soonish too!



I completely understand the paranoia you're feeling.

Love the colors.