Monday, November 10, 2008

Another finished sweater!

I kind of feel like I should space out the finished sweater posts... but DAMN this thing is cute and I'm SO proud of it - I just have to share it now.

I present, the Big Digger Sweater:

Yes. It is THAT cute. Now - the sizing on this sweater was a little wacky to me - it said to fit a 22 inch chest, you would be knitting a 29 inch sweater. It just looked HUGE to me. So I ended up ripping out, and casting on enough so that the finished sweater is about 26 inches across - much more reasonable for the 2 year old that I have in mind.

Only thing is - when I re-sized it - I kind of forgot to center the digger chart on the front.... so it's a little offset. Aaron assures me that it just looks like the digger is driving onto the front.

Here is a close up of the actual digger. I really suck at embellishing my knitting - so it was a big feat for me to add this embroidery. I would say it took me almost as long to do all the finishing as it did to knit the pieces - but totally worth it:

Pattern: Big Digger Sweater (rav link)

Yarn: Dale of Norway, Faulk. 4 Balls of the navy, one each of the orange, green and blue.

OK - back to Christmas knitting!



The sweater is so cute! I agree, it does look like the Cat is driving onto the front.


adorable! I agree w/ aaron, it doesn't matter if it's not centered. and your hoodie is awesome! i looked at that yarn once, but was frightened by the price tag.
and you are absolutely on my list! I will have plenty of time after eric flies back.
i can not believe your ticker says 3 weeks and some days!! holy cow... how exciting! i'm sure you will get the crib before i get my car. ha! your baby may be going to kindergarten before i get my car.


Bloody brilliant! And it has what my camera-nut boss would call great composition. (First rule of photography, per my boss: never put your subject dead center.)


That is too cute!

I like the one you felted too - it's great.


That is really adorable - great job!


This is absolutely stinkin' cute, Cece! LOVE it!