Monday, November 03, 2008


For the past 3 years, they've had NaKnitSweMo - knit a sweater in the month of November. I've never really signed up for it - because I've certainly knit a sweater in a month before. But I was thinking... this will be a good incentive to get that one last big project knit before the baby arrives! And I know EXACTLY which sweater I want to knit. I saw a preview of the Winter Twist Collective... and it's in there.

But the Twist Collective isn't out yet, due to one of the main people giving birth early to her baby. I'm taking this as a good time to work on the only other 2 sweater projects I have going on - the Big Digger Sweater and the Central Park Hoodie. Both had hit bad times. The Big Digger sweater was turning out HUGE (certainly not a 2 year old size - or at least not for the 2 year old I was knitting it for- so I ripped out the whole thing) and the Central Park Hoodie - I really didn't want to actually make it into a hoodie, so I just stopped knitting until I could think about what collar I want.

So - until the sweater pattern is available - and the yarn arrives (which should be here on Thursday) I will work on the Big Digger, and if I finish that - find the pieces of the Central Park Hoodie and make some sort of plan.

November is sweater month!



I must have missed the Twist preview - I'm looking forward to the next edition!


Don't forget about Ravelry! I think I saw modifications for the Central Park Hoodie. I like it with the cowl? neck (is that right, hopefully you know what I mean).