Thursday, November 13, 2008

Back to the Christmas Knitting

Well, the Central Park Hoodie (minus the hoodie) is STILL DRYING. So, I haven't sewn that together yet. I guess slow drying sweaters is the price I pay for keeping the upstairs at 58 degrees. It's worth it to me. I have plenty of other sweaters to wear for now.

I got back to the socks I'm working on for presents, and I finished up my Baby Cable socks:

The color in this picture is totally off - but it's going to rain today -and I wanted to post about them... so this is what you get!

These were knit in Mountain Colors Barefoot - and what a nice yarn! The mohair in it makes for a really nice feel. I did the baby rib cable pattern from Sensational knitted socks over 64 stitches, and I'm definitely going to make a pair of these for me soon.

Looking at my Christmas list, I now only have 2.5 pairs of socks and one mitten to finish for knitting! And just one other crafty thing... that isn't even a Christmas present. Cool. I don't think I'll get ALL the knitting done before the FiberFishling arrives, but I'll be close enough that it won't stress me out. And I've even started making lists of things I need to buy... I'm crazy on top of my game this year.



Hmmm... those look like size 9's :)


Lovely socks! Which colorway?


Can I get you to knit my stuff also?!


you know, when you go this long with out a post, we all think that you are birthing a beautiful fiberfishlet....hope all is well. xo c