Saturday, November 29, 2008

Baby Bumper

Yesterday, I spent a good 8 hours working on the baby bumper for the crib (which was supposed to arrive the first week in November, and is now slated for delivery on Dec 12th. Do. Not. Get. Me. Started). I had already spent some time cutting out the fabric, but became a bit overwhelmed at the directions.

My mom is visiting for the long weekend, and I thought getting her involved in the bumper project would be a good distraction. Well. She wasn't really any help (except for helping me read directions - why do sewing patterns need to be so convoluted!). But - I finished as much as I could! And I love it!

Really, all this project involved was sewing two HUGE rectangles together, with a piece of batting in between. The issues were:
  1. Picking a directional fabric. And then becoming obsessed with making sure that the jungle animals were in the same order on the entire large rectangle when I sewed them together. You know, because anyone besides me would notice that
  2. Making sure their weren't any headless animals. Don't want to freak the kid out!
  3. Making that piping on the top. Without a zipper foot. Thankfully - I have crafty pal right on my street, and I was able to borrow someone else's machine for that part.

I'm pretty proud of myself for sticking this out - something that I thought wouldn't be all that confusing became a 10 hour sewing project. I can't 100% finish it until the crib arrives - I still need to put the ties on to attach it to the crib. But the lions share of the sewing is finished (Ha. Ha. Lion's share of the sewing? On my jungle bumper? I crack myself up).



it's so cute!
not to get you started, but regarding the crib... babies can't roll over at first anyway, so s/he will be safe wherever s/he is plopped!


Very cute and nice persistence!

My little one didn't even go near his crib for the first six weeks. So, even though it is annoying he/she won't *need* it.


I can't wait to see the first picture of your precious bundle of joy!