Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Really big socks

Progress continues on the size 15 socks:

I haven't knit a pair of plain old, self striping socks in a very long time. They are soothing. And fun. When I realized that I may not have enough for 2 pairs out of the one ball, I went up to the sock yarn stash and pretty much found and EXACT match for the toe. Out of leftovers. Some people may doubt the need for the large amount of sock yarn I keep....but look how perfect the toe matches!

Speaking of socks....I've been thinking lately about Sock Camp. I've loved going for the past two years. And at Camp last year, everyone was trying to convince me to go this year upcoming. I'd love to. But realistically, I know it will be mid-April, as it always has been in the past. Baby Fiberfish will be 4 months old at that time. I'm totally fine traveling with a 4 month old. What I'm thinking will NOT be fine is the fact that I would have just returned to work from maternity leave in March. So taking a week off only a month later - doesn't seem like the best career move.

Enter the information running around about the Sock Summit. This super fun thing will be happening August 6 - 9th, and I'm guessing all those that I know and love will be there. I'm assuming it isn't going to be as intimate an affair as Sock Camp, but it has the benefit of being in Portland, OR - where I have family. So not as spendy as sock camp (well, not at travel spendy, I'm thinking I could find other ways to be parted with my money at a knitting event where vendors will be waiting).

Now to convince Aaron.....



Techniques I use to convince Grant that I need to go to a fiber event:
- It's my birthday. (SPA)
- It's located near my folks', so lodging will be cheap, plus it'll be an opportunity for Miss B to get some quality grandparent time. (SPA, Fiber Frolic)
- I save up all my accumulated brownie points from your singing-related evenings out for a whole year just for this one event. (Rhinebeck)
- It's Mother's Day. (NHSW)
- It's a day trip, and I'll feed Taz before I go. (NHSW, CTSW)

Will any of those work?

It was great to see you! but too short. As was the case with pretty much everyone I saw there, including Lisa, with whom I spent six hours on the highway. Rhinebeck needs to last for a month or so.

Maybe you could come to spinning this Thurs and practice your spindling skillz?


Sock camp is a week long event? Hmmmm..... notes to self... hmmm. I didn't even notice in yesterday's post that you came back with even less yarn than me! Cathy-cate gifted me with something lovely, and Lucia delivered a skein I won in a contest, and I bought one. Right now I'm loading up all those rhinebeck photos, including the feb lady sweaters... haven't counted them yet, I still think you got more pics than me!


i don't think that i will go to sock camp this year either, but am thinking of the sock summit. glad you had fun at rhinebeck and i am keeping you and yours in my thoughts and prayers.