Friday, October 24, 2008

Baby presents

I've received my first 'knitterly' present for the Fiberfishling:

This is the sweetest blanket from my Sock Camp pal, Frieda. I've never seen something like this before - it's a sweet fabric, and then she crocheted around the edges. I was showing it off to a knit bud at lunch yesterday, and she was like - oh yeah - those are great baby blankets. Sigh. I guess my intense dislike of crochet has made me miss out on a very sweet baby present idea. Thanks SO much Frieda! I have a feeling this will be much loved.

In other baby news, the crib and changing table, which I ordered on August 15th - is due to arrive on Nov 3rd! Let the nursery set up begin! I haven't done much in there, as I'm just not sure how everything will fit. Having the furniture is going to be the beginning of great fun.

Happy Friday to all!



I am glad it arrived and that you like it. The Cece/AAron baby is going to be one fine dressed and wrapped up baby.
Hope you have a great weekend.


Cute blanket! My grandmother made something like this for my now 12 year old... w/out the crochet edging, but with two different flannels. As for furniture, I say, eh... the fishling can super comfortably sleep in a drawer or something. Or with you. Which I did and it worked well for us, but I know it doesn't for many people...