Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rhinebeck '08!

Too much fun was had yesterday. By the time we left at 3 PM, I was too pooped to party. But, I can show you the fun I had in pictures (and you can see pictures of my finished February Ladies Sweater - which was THE sweater to wear at Rhinebeck - I must have seen at least 20).

My first goal was to see my Sock Camp buddy, Cathy-Cate. I was pretty secure in thinking I'd find her waiting in line at the Fold for STR.. and my hunch proved correct. But this picture is from when we were standing in line for Artichokes French. In past years, I didn't know if they were worth the wait. FYI: they totally are.

Yep - with 6 weeks to go until my due date - the belly is getting pretty large! I never officially said 'good bye' to her -because I told her I would see her all day. And I did. We kept bumping into each other all day.

Next stop was to get my 'It Itches.' book and have Franklin sign it. I've loved Franklin ever since his blog post "Chains of Sleevery'. Anyway - a very sweet man, and I love the book!
As I was sitting and relaxing for a bit, a knit bud that I see all the time at Webs (do you have a blog? Tell me in the comments- I can't find it!) walked by - and I noticed not only were we both wearing our February Ladies Sweater - but had matching bags (and not seen in the picture, the exact same sneakers). Too funny!
I've made you wait this long, but here is the ENTIRE stash enhancement from the trip. Cathy-Cate gave me the awesome bamboo/merino (mostly for the name - Bamb-ino) and I couldn't resist the purple sock yarn:
There was one kit that I was tempted to buy at Sheldridge Farms - the Spindrift Capelet - but there was no freaking way my huge belly could have made it into their booth. I was also sad that Morehouse Merino wasn't there... so I guess I'm just going to have to order online from them. My life is pretty hard, I know.

As I was walking towards the car, I was only regretting not seeing Stephen, another bud from Sock Camp. And then - there he was! I was very happy to get a big hug from him. Of course, the baby was playing kick ball with my bladder, so I had much less time to chat than I would have liked... but that's the way it goes.

Hurrah for Sheep! Hurrah for Wool!



Looks like a fun day - love the yarn you got!

said..., how fun! Can't believe that you only have 6 weeks left!!!!


So glad you were able to see everyone at look wonderful. May the next six weeks speed by and the delivery goes quickly! Big Hugs...


It was great to see you again. The only blog I have is the one that was for my classes (being a teacher I don't yet feel comfortable blogging, but that's just me). I'm huimeilei on ravelry though. Can't wait to see that baby join us on fiber acquisition trips. :)


It was fabulous seeing you on Saturday. You look wonderful!


Too funny to open your blog and see myself! It was SO GOOD to see you (and see you and see you!!!) Dang, I miss you from Camp! And, do you know, despite my profession, I never touch baby bellies except at work -- I just was so excited to see you looking so gloriously pregnant, after meeting you at 'barely there'. You look fantastic, despite starting to feel very pregnant.

I just got home a couple hours ago. I'm glad to hear that the tiny Ravel-hat is a go! Now to make it not preschooler-sized...(it's my own design, but I haven't knit it with that yarn before, so I erred on the side of bigger -- obviously. Oops.)


cool franklin habit... today is the last day to submit a caption for the cartoon on interweave. i'm stumped. but for some reason the lady knitting reminds me of your mom. :)

looks like you had fun in NY, i'm crazy jealous you went! and believe it or not, i'm still missing the leaves, so thanks for sneaking a few in the photos.

6 weeks! oooh! i'm hoping when we're in the area we can pop by for a visit, but only if you guys are ready! (after christmas.)


loved, loved, loved seeing you too. I understand that peeing is more important than me.

sitting here with my mom and she sends her love too!


I can't believe we're like soulsistahs (at least in the stealth sweater photography department, eh?) and I have never been over here before! I am battling human and computer viruses, but when I am in shape enough, I'll post pics. You going to start the FLS (feb lady sweater) flickr group??? It was HARD finding them on Sunday!


Sounds like a wonderful day!

Your sweater is beautiful and so are you with your baby belly :-)