Monday, October 27, 2008


So. Apparently, when someone's due date approaches, it's common for the mom-to-be to 'nest'. I certainly haven't been cleaning the house like a mad-woman, and I don't even have the nursery set up.... but I have been working on gifts! I have minimal present knitting this year - but I do have a bunch of homemade stuff planned. This is the list so far:

6 pairs of socks (2.5 done!)
4 punchneedle pieces (2 done!)
Queen sized quilt for my mother (at the quilters, so my part is DONE)
Lap sized quilt for my father (just need to quilt this)
Aprons for various buddies (all cut out - just need to sew up)
Mittens for mom
Birthday Sweater for a 2 year old friend

Still quite a list, but time-wise, nothing compared to past years. I'm really trying to get most done before the baby comes. Here are the pictures of what I'm currently working on:

This is the beginning of Lucinda Guy's Big Digger sweater (ravelry link). The birthday is on Thanksgiving.... so I'm hoping to have it done in time.
Mom's thrummed Mitts:

I love making thrummed mittens, but my hands just NEVER get that cold. And the colors are great - it's a kit from Spunky Eclectic.

And finally - a quilt that I finished up for my 'birth buddy' on the birth board I'm active on. I plan on sending this off today.

At this point, I'm still having fun with the gift 'crafting'. We shall see if this continues! If I pull it all off - I'm going to really love giving away all my gifts this year!



I do not have Bette Davis eyes, and I totally need to make myself a pair of thrummed mitts.

Already thinking ahead to holidays... but first I need to get my red scarves done (one down, one to go) and mailed out, then I need to do PSI squares, then I'll think about the hols.


love the baby quilt, and the mitten. You have me now motivated to make my lists. Thanks

said... are sooooo busy! Just remember to take time for you!