Wednesday, October 01, 2008


This has been a really busy week at work (um, I work in the the banking industry, so you can do the math on that one). Yesterday, I didn't even knit a stitch. But oh, how I have knitting plans. My friend Amanda gave me a kit to knit the Rosebord mittens.... and I love these mittens with a white hot passion (even though I've already ripped out the start of them twice).

In other daydreaming, I've really been looking forward to my planned trip to Rhinebeck. Last year, I took a bus from Webs - and had an AWESOME time. But, I started getting nervous this year with the fact that I will be 8 months pregnant and my comfort factor on a bus. So - I've convinced a few pals to do a day trip in my car. I'm really excited. I need to come up with a shopping plan, but I've already started thinking that I'm sure I want to get a sheepskin for the baby... somewhere I read or heard that sheepskins can be machine washed? I kind of don't believe it, but figure you gals would know. I'm also probably going to finally let myself buy stuff at Morehouse merino (I just looked at the vendor list, and they aren't there? WTF?). Every year I go to that booth, look at a bunch of stuff, and never buy anything. I'm definitely picking stuff up this year (if they are there, sigh).

Well - enough daydreaming for now. But leave me a comment if you'll be there on Saturday the 18th - we'll have to find each other!



Hey! You may not remember me but I brought "the baby" a cookie at Sock Camp :) ANYway, you can indeed wash a flakati rug (I have one. It looks felted on the bottom and sheepy on the top) Actual pelts though would need special care because of the leather.
I am making it to Taos Wool Festival but I can't go to Rhinebeck cuz Arizona is just too far away :)I hope you have fun and make sure you rest a lot! When I was preggers, the doctor said I could do anything as long as one foot was on the ground at all times :)I went on a field trip with the kids (teacher-7th&8th grade special ed) on a bus when I was pretty far along and wasn't too uncomfortable (no more so than regular!) but sit up front so the driver can see you and avoid any big bumps (har har, I know)
Good Luck!



I used to lay my babies down on a piece of real sheepskin that my one of my sisters had used with her babies. My youngest is nearly 15 so my memory is fuzzy, but I think I washed it in the machine and air dried it.

Enjoy your trip.


Both my boys had a real sheepskin, it washed nicely in the washing machine. It is still going strong and no felting.


I will totally be there on Saturday, having inveigled my friend Lisa (knitnzu) into going with me. We're leaving at dark-o-30 and plan to get there shortly after opening. For pity's sake email me so we can meet up.

Your projects are splendid as always. I can't wait to see you in that sweater. Or not in that sweater, as the case may be. (For me the best part of being pregnant was being warm all the time.)