Friday, October 03, 2008

Becoming Zen?

I've been working on the Susie Hoodie on and off for about a month now. It isn't super exciting knitting - just a cable on both ends, and the rest plain stockinette with some bias shaping. It's enough to keep things interesting, but since it's knit in one piece - showing the progress on the blog would be like taking pictures of a blade of grass growing.

In normal Cece-style, about halfway though knitting this, I started to freak out that I would run out of yarn (now that I'm almost done, I know I won't - but whatever). Yarn in a color which is of course discontinued. So - I made a trip to Webs (which only had 3 balls left) and got one more - to be safe. It was a different dyelot, but I threw it into my bag, figuring if I needed it, it would be on the hood, and you wouldn't notice.

In my bag was also all the other yarn for this project. On Weds night, when I was about 3 rows from starting the hood, I noticed I was knitting with that different dyelot when I went to wind another ball. Damnit.

I was at a knitting night with friends, and they all insisted that it looked fine. And - honestly - it was really close. But I've had this issue with dyelot before - and I knew it would bug me. So last night, I basically ripped out the entire yoke of the sweater.

Now I'm back to where I was a week ago, and I'm ok with that. I really like this sweater, and am knitting it in a wonderful yarn (Tahki Donegal Tweed) that wasn't cheap. Instead of rushing towards the finish line with that sweater - I really wanted it done right.

Am I getting more process versus product in my 'old age'? Maybe. I just know I want this one done right - and an obvious dyelot stripe across the chest would really piss me off.




You did the right thing - it probably would have bothered you if you saw any color difference. Its looking great though!


Good thing you caught it before you went much further. I know what you mean about out-of-yarn-paranoia.


Looks nice, you will be much happier that you have ripped it back and knitted with the correct dyelot.