Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Baby Yours

So - now you get the whole story. I'd already decided to make a baby girl sweater and a baby boy sweater for my little Fiberfish. But, as the date for the fair approached, I got a bug in my butt to enter 3 newborn sweaters in the category for '3 Knitted Items'. With 2 weeks to go until the entry date. I had a sleeve completed for the pink one, the yarn for the green one, but needed to find what I had in mind for the blue.

I ordered some BMFA in Star Sapphire (too purple) and some Shibui Sock (right color, not right gauge). I finally found the 'just right' color and gauge in Dream in Color Smooshy, Some Summer Sky:

Details: Baby Mine, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
Needles: Size 2

This was another sweet baby sweater to knit. Not as 'easy' as Baby Yours - but the results are worth it. I was spoiled with the other two baby sweaters that were mostly knit in one piece, as this one had some finishing work for sure. I also lucked out on the buttons... another perfect match found at my LYS.

So, now I have 2 sweet sweaters that I'm packing in my hospital bag for my baby to wear home! 66 days to go!

Onto some adult knitting for a change.



Another lovely baby knit!