Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Results are In!

The super secret 3 part entry (in the category of '3 knitted items' got 2nd place (beaten out by 3 pairs of socks):

See what I did there? It's called 'Ready for Anything' - newborn sweaters in green, pink and blue! I'll give the details of the blue sweater at a later date.

My socks got second - apparently the stitches on the bottom of one sock weren't even. Huh. I wonder why? Damn broken needle:

My Bird In Hand Mittens got second - the pair that won got the comment 'Not too long'! And I picked up the one I knit and put them on (because the first place lady was right there - I was showing her that my hand was just LARGE, and that my mittens weren't too long) and one of the judges came running over to tell me not to touch the knitting! And I said - but they are MY mittens. She still made me put them down, lol.
My Jeanie got second place also - but the winning shawl was really pretty, so I was totally OK with that:
And finally, my Pineapple quilt got 3rd place - something about 'needing to perfect my binding technique'. Sigh. I was happy to have won something, as this quilt is about 2 years old, and I've washed it more than a few times:
So - no first places this year... but everything still got a ribbon!



Congratulations!! That's a great showing.


Hey, you are first place in my book! xo


I'd say that the fact that everything got a ribbon is awfully impressive! Congrats!


I entered some sweaters once in the local county fair. I will never do it again, the items which required a lot of technical knitting were given a red and the one that was simple with a stunning yarn was a blue. No comments included, I had no idea why the judge placed them as she did. There were lots of items out of (gag) Red Heart. I have become a yarn snob. Plus, the sweaters were displayed on (gasp!) hangers and were displayed in a way that people could touch them. The next year they asked me to judge. I did, put lots of comments down. The next year they asked me to judge again- hand and machine knitting and crochet.. I declined. The only thing I know about crochet is how to chain stitch. The judges at these things don't have to have any qualifications, obviously, if they asked me to do it! Sounds like you did pretty well though! When's the babe coming?