Friday, September 26, 2008

Never say die

Yesterday, from 3 - 9 PM, was the window to enter in your items for judging at the fair. I had finished my 3 part entry (to be disclosed at a later date), dug out my Bird In Hand mittens (I don't have high hopes for a prize on those - the cashmere yarn is used got somewhat fuzzy after a winter of use), and got my Jeanie ready to go. I also threw in a quilt I finished last year to the mix. I still had a few inches on the foot of the socks I had planned on entering to finish.

But - I also had a day of conference calls ahead of me, and didn't think I'd have an issue getting the last few inches completed. Until I pulled out my knitting for my 10 AM call, and found the broken needle. I taped it:

Let's just say that taping a needle together is not the BEST solution for this issue. I was severely slowed in my knitting by the yarn catching on the tape... but as I said, was on conference calls for the most of the day - so I wouldn't be able to pop out and get another needle. I even called a knit bud that lives close to my office, and sometimes works from home, and of course, she wasn't working from home yesterday, so couldn't come to my rescue.

By 4:45 PM, after hanging up on my last call of the day, I had a finished pair of socks:

Phew! These are really pretty... and I have high hopes for them to get a ribbon. I'm going to wait to give my 'official' finished project post until I have some better pictures - these are all phone pictures taken in frustration over the whole broken needle issue.

Sunday, I find out how I did!



...good luck and can't wait to hear how you do!


I forgot or never noticed that your bird in hand's were made of CASHMERE! Hope you don't mind if they are featured heavily in my dreams! I am sure you will rock at the fair!


Very pretty socks - good luck with your entries!


Best of luck to you, MacGyver!


Pretty! Need details on pattern and yarn.