Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Diabetics Beware!

Amysue, better grab your insulin! Baby Mine is finished! And it's really sweet:

Pattern: Baby Mine, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Needles: Size 2

Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy, Lilac

I have no clue as to what gender baby resides in my belly... so I'm knitting both a Baby Mine and a Baby Yours. But when I show this one around - everyone is all of a sudden convinced I'm having a girl. Probably because it's such a CUTE sweater - it has to be worn! No worries though, my neighbor 4 doors down is due 5 day before me with a baby girl. So if I don't have a girl, this sweater won't be thrown into moth balls.

When I saw Stephanie at Sock Camp in April, she hinted that she was making a baby sweater based on the awesome Lenore Socks from last year. It's a great lace pattern, and the construction of the sweater is also nice and seamless. Plus - everyone who sees this is so impressed with the lace and how 'hard' this sweater must have been to make - and it was seriously pretty simple to knit.

I love it. Totally making is again for other baby girls.



It's lovely. I'm hoping you have a girl also!


Sooooooo sweet!!! You or someone you know BETTER have a girl sometime soon, because that sweater is too darling to hang out in a drawer.


That is horribly sweet, but I think I will need to make it for a friend who's due around the same time you are (her 4th, and 1st girl).

Hope it's cold enough for all the wool your little one is gonna be owning!!!


That is soooo sweet!


It is beautiful. I will have to check this pattern out and hope it goes to a size 1, I would need that size for next winter for grand-daughter