Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Now I remember.

When I decided to pick up this project to knit on for the Olympics, I wondered what made me put it down in the first place.

I totally remember now. It's soul sucking. The cable isn't easy to remember. I need to follow along on a chart. And it's wide. So it takes about 10 minutes a row. And it's a thin yarn. It's taking me about an hour to knit an inch and a half.

Mom is totally NOT getting this wrap.

I'm three inches into the second rectangle. That means about 22 hours of knitting left - less than 2 hours of knitting a day until closing ceremonies. Totally do-able within the duration of the Olympics. And, the more I knit on it - the more I know I will love wearing this.

It's just sad that I'm not loving the actual process of knitting it!



It's looking great so far. I can really relate right now on projects that are soul sucking. I'm working on a baby blanket in seed stitch. It's brainless (which makes me sleepy), but 27 inches of knit, purl, knit, purl is draining. It's taking forever.


So, why again aren't you giving it to your mother for Christmas?

It sure is lovely though. What yarn is it again?