Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Stitch and Pitch

So, MONTHS ago, my bud Amanda mentioned there would be a Stitch and Pitch at the Lowell Spinner on July 7th. Did we want to go? Sure - what the heck. I always forget how much fun I have when watching a baseball game. Even though it was super hot yesterday - we were pretty much in the shade the whole time - so that was good too.

I knit on the new sock:

Hung out with my pals (please note that I love them more than myself - because the picture of me SUCKS - but they look nice.. or at least double chin-free)
And! We met Jess and Casey from Ravelry! I forgot that they live in the Boston area! They were so nice. I was joking around with Casey that he was all famous and I was the paparazzi:

They were really fun, handing out pins and stickers.

Oh - and the hot dog tally? Only one for me... but the Gator Pit really did put on a good meal! I was really happy with the whole night - thanks to Amanda for telling us about it!



I wish I'd been able to go! One of these days I will catch up with you -- I can't wait to see the bump.