Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Pretty Things

First - this is total insanity! 3 posts in 3 days!

Moving on.

I'm plugging along on my February Ladies Sweater, and it's just SO pretty. And it fits me really well!

I'm doing little 'just past my elbow' sleeves - as they are really wide. Too much longer, and they would be annoying. Plus - I'm using that Cotton/Angora yarn - so I'm assuming I'll get a bit of growth when I start wearing it.

The other pretty thing? In November, I planted a huge amount of lilies in a new garden. I carefully watched them grow, made Aaron build a fence around them so that the dogs wouldn't rip them out of the ground, and am daily spraying them with this soap water to keep the beetles off. Now that they are blooming - I find the work was totally worth it.

Hurrah for pretty lilies!



I like the February Ladies Sweater, can't wait to see it finished. The flowers are lovely as well. How many did you plant?


Very pretty sweater! If I had more will power I would have loved not to find out the gender as well. But ah, will power is something I lack. Thanks for the well wishes!


Great sweater! What's the lace stitch? Lovely lilies too. (Probably good to keep the dogs away from them. I think they're toxic.)


i love that color of the sweater... it's in my queue.