Monday, July 07, 2008

Little things

Today, Aaron and I went in for the 18 week ultrasound of our little one. I know a few of you would like to have baby updates - so here is the latest baby picture:

I know it will be surprising to many that my baby would be uncooperative (hahahahahaha) but turns out we need to go back next week, because the baby was facing down , and there were a few critical shots they couldn't get with the baby's position. The good news is they saw all of the important bits (heart, brain, liver, kidneys, bladder, stomach) and all were doing the right things. They just need a few more shots of the heart. Hopefully the baby flips so we can get that next week.

And nope - we don't know if we are having a boy or a girl. We are saving that surprise for the delivery room!

In actual knitting news, I started on my Summer of Love Lace socks last night, and made a lot of progress:
Tonight I'm going to the Lowell Spinner's Stitch and Pitch, and wanted a fun sock to knit on. The Feb Ladies Sweater is no longer portable (I'm on the sleeves) and it's going to be wicked hot tonight. This is fun knit! I was actually intimidated to start these, as you knit the lace back and forth and then connect it all - and it wasn't a big deal. And the rest of the sock is plain of stockinette.

I'll update tomorrow with baseball pictures! I paid extra for the 'all you can eat' section.... so also I'll keep a tally of the number of hot dogs consumed. Baby likes hot dogs.



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