Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Much Needed Long Weekend!

Working in technology, there are times when we are CRAZY busy, and times when we are slow. This week, in addition to being the last week before a major software release, we also had some problems in production. So it's been insane. Which is only making me look forward to my long weekend even more - which starts tomorrow! Like last year, I'm planning a trip to the cabin, but this time, bringing some friends along.

Knitting friends. Happy sigh.

So - I've been getting my projects lined up. First, I'll be seeing Mom, so wanted to bring her socks. I finished those up last night.

After making those Not So Ugly Socks, I picked these up. I started them 5 or 6 years ago! Whenever it was the Regia was wowing us with the new and exciting self-striping yarn. These colors are all my Mom's favorites, and I even remember starting these as a present for her (maybe for Mother's Day?). But I never finished. I moved away from the whole self-striping thing for a bit. But making that last pair of plain old socks reminded me that plain old socks are perfect for movies, doctors offices, and sometimes, even bad traffic! These are 62 stitch socks on size 1 needles, with a heel flap. Mom will love them.

Also in the knitting bag is my February Ladies Sweater - which I'm loving. I was freaking for a bit that I wouldn't have enough yarn - but now I think I'll be OK. I have about 8 inches of lace to go:

This is a fun knit! The lace is interesting enough to hold my interest, but not super complicated that I can't watch TV or whatever. This is what I'll mostly be knitting this weekend.

But, I also wanted to get another sock on the needles. I'm going the the Lowell Spinners for a Stitch and Pitch on Monday night! So I needed something small. I'm going to work on the lace top for the Summer of Love Lace socks (from last year's RSC):
I loved this yarn when it arrived, just never got around to knitting it. I just want to get the cuff done this weekend, so I have the easy stockinette part for the baseball game!

OK - I'm ready for a little vacation! Let's go! (Guess I have to wait for the work day to be over first. Sigh)



Enjoy the long weekend!! The february sweater looks awesome! Great color too!


Love the sweater, the lace looks lovely. Enjoy your weekend


I can't wait to see your February Lady Sweater. I really want knit that at some point.


have a nice time at the cabin. :)

the sweater looks nice - i have yarn on its way to me for mine!

thanks for reminding me about figuring out a smallish project for monday - that is a good thing to plan ahead for.


Love the socks - I bet you are so glad to finally finish them! The February sweater is so pretty - great color. Enjoy the long weekend!


62 sts? Your mom must have tiny feet. Or else you're not as OCD about socknitting as I am.

Have a great long weekend! I too am looking forward to it.


have a great long weekend and great 4th July. I guess your mum has worn her new socks all weekend, actually thinking about it you are in summer, sorry, was thinking of my end of the world.