Friday, September 08, 2006

Some pictures... and proof that I am weak.

I had a little photo shoot last night with my rollneck sweater. Here it is (with a little help from the dogs!)

And this one is a bit blurry, but you can see how comfortably it fits:

If you remember back, I decided that I needed a sweater like this after making the baby version for a friend. Here are the details:

Pattern: Knitting Pure and Simple, Neckdown Pullover for Woman #9724
Yarn: Bartlett Yarns, in Mountain Blue (discontinued color)
Needles: Size 7 and 5
Comments: The pattern was awesome. I would even knit ANOTHER of these. I actually may have to, if after washing the sweater, the yarn doesn't soften up. The yarn, as I stated before is very 'rustic' and I found at LEAST one knot in every skein. In one, there were 4! I don't know if this is because it's the last batch made of this color, and they wanted to stretch it, but that was very frustrating. To make matters worse, the yarn still has a significant amount of spinning oil on it, so when I would hit a knot, I could just spit splice - but it tasted NASTY. So I had a little glass of water sitting next to me at all times while knitting. I'll report back after washing to let you know how it softens up, but now, you couldn't wear this sweater without a turtleneck, it's that rough.

I do have high hopes for it's appearance after washing - because I have a friend how uses this yarn often. I will say that for a XL woman's sized sweater, I was able to get this yarn for under $60.... which does make some of the troubles worth it.

In other news, I'm weak. I sat down yesterday, and figured out how long it takes me to do a row of the Figure 8 shawl (15 minutes) and how many rows I have left (lots) and learned that I have almost 40 hours of knitting to go. So, I've decided that I'm going to need to split that up between now and Rhinebeck! If I promise to knit 7 hours a week on the Figure 8 shawl, I decided it was ok to start playing with the yarn I got myself for my birthday. And knitting for 7 hours a week should be easy, as I'm traveling for work a bunch in the next month or so.

Therefore, I have started Klaralund! I've gotten a lot of great advice, but decided to start with a swatch *cough* sleeve - and got gauge with the first try... so I'm knitting on:

Notice that these colors are not my normal BRIGHT picks. I grudgingly admit that I wear the brown camel sweater more than anything else I have knit. So - if I'm going to spend mucho dinaro on yarn (I got 2 bags of Noro Silk Garden to be sure I'd have enough with my modifications) I'm going to be a bit more sedate. And there are splashes of color in this... which you'll see as the knitting progress!




Your jumper looks great!! I am glad you have 'help' from the dogs too!! Wow, that's a lot of Noro Silk Garden. I vought a measly 2 balls to make a mini Clapotis scarf!!


It looks great!! Kudos on the FO. I can't see enough doggy in that photo!!


Great sweater, it looks very comfy and comforting. Although I agree with Chris, I can't see enough doggy.


Great sweater! I have some of that color of Bartlett. I haven't knit with it yet b/c - get this - it's rough to the hand! I should swatch and wash...there's a thought.


Ooh, I like the FO. One of my first sweaters ever was a rollneck, but sadly it is in the style of the early to mid 90's, which means it is well below the butt and therefore extremely unstylish by current standards. And the Noro? Well, I think you know how I feel about Noro... mmmmmmMMMMMMmmmmm. Oh... and you think YOU are weak? Would YOU, if you only had to seam a lousy sweater, start (ahem) on a new project? HEHEHEHEHEH.


It looks lovely, and it does look like a very comfortable sweetshirt, just more classy. HOpe it washes well and softens a bit for you.