Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Want versus Need

I really WANT to be knitting this sweater. It's the February Lady's sweater by Pamela Wynne, and I loves it. It's based on EZ's "Baby Sweater on Two Needles". I think I even have an acceptable yarn that is not only in stash, but on the list of yarn I want to knit up for Mission Possible.

Instead, I'm knitting this sock:

This yarn was given to me as a gift - and I just love it. I haven't knit with a self-striping yarn in ages, but there is something about the colors in this that I love. Plus - I know it would also appeal to a friend who desperately needs a pair of Birthday Socks. So I started knitting. And then I found that the 2 'fake fair isle' sections are together. Blech. But it was like a train wreck I couldn't look away from! I just can't stop knitting!

And I sent a picture to the birthday girl - she likes it (or is saying that because she just likes hand knit socks....). Whatever - I need to keep knitting these - for whatever reason I can't stop!



Oh Lordy, that is a cute sweater and it's free? Yipes.


I am knitting it! So are 4 close friends! Fun! Mine is lavender!


I loved knitting the baby version of that sweater. The adult version looks fabulous. I must add it to my ever growing queue.


Hurry up and finish those socks because I love the February Lady sweater!!! I'm already to the lace part and I'm using STR heavyweight so I'm really really loving it!!


That sweater is in my queue - I'm trying to resist casting on for it. I like the sock - very cute!


No! No! No! I do NOT like 3/4 length sleeves. I'm tall! I like long sleeves!

ooooooh! Preeeetttty!

(you're no help, Cece!)



err... the last comment was from Just Jen, not the previous Jen.