Sunday, June 15, 2008

I did intarsia!

And I liked it.

Who knew?!

I saw this pattern (ravelry link: Horatio) over on Jussi's blog a long time ago. Like maybe 6 months ago. I loved it. LOVED. But the pattern wasn't ready for sale yet - so I said I would test knit it. And I started knitting away happily for a present for one of my favorite little boys (whose first birthday was in March). And then I started my IVF cycle. I was distracted. And then I got pregnant. And then I was in the first trimester - where I could barely function. It became apparent that the knitting wouldn't be complete by the aforementioned birthday.

But this weekend - I picked it back up again and found that I really like intarsia knitting! Now I'm going to hand it off to the baby's mother, who is much better at embroidery than I am... and I'll put it together when she is done.



I haven't done intarsia in a while, but it's great fun. Especially with cables.


Hi Cece! Sounds like everything is going great with your pregnancy. I like to read your blog. I have some Tahki cotton that I bought years ago to do a Map of the World sweater. My son was a freshman in high school, I made it up to the Panama Canal and quit. He graduated from college in 2006. My stepdaughter is due August 1, it will make some great baby things, thanks for your ideas!