Friday, May 30, 2008

Purple Awesomeness.

I got my RSC package yesterday, and I freaking LOVE the color. Someone on the Ravelry group said she would be happy if the whole world was this color - and I couldn't agree more!

I cast on right away:

I wound the yarn into to 2 same sized balls - as this is a toe up design... I've never taken the time to do before. But I really wanted to not have my normal omgomgomgomgomgomg stress of possibly not having enough yarn.

In non-knitting news - things are going really well here. Today I enter my second trimester of my pregnancy, so a nice deep sigh has been let out. And also the scary realization that I'm actually very close to bringing home a real baby in December! After so long in trying to get pregnant, I never really thought past the whole 'get pregnant' part! I am going to poke through all the baby stuff I've already knit and decide what to make for the winter! Exciting!



Hi Cece, I will be sending you mine so you should have plenty of yarn.


I totally agree on the STR! I got mine wound into 2 balls last night but I haven't cast on quite yet. I have my needles and will be casting on today at lunch. GORGEOUS colors...totally right up my alley. They even match my car. And the pattern - it looks a bit overwhelming, but I'm going to make it thru it, hopefully.

On the other news front - Congrats on making it to the 2nd trimester...that is so exciting!


That color is so vibrant and gorgeous!

On the baby knitting front, I highly recommend Elizabeth Zimmerman's February sweater if you have a girl. It's beautiful and quick, although the directions leave a little to be desired. My Ravelry queue is so full of baby projects these days, that I have enough to keep me busy for dozens of babies and not just one.


Oh, Cece, I was so assiduously avoiding spoilers this time, and there your lovely picture was on Bloglines! Mail seems to take a lot longer to get INTO La Crosse than out of it (why does it take longer to go halfway across the country from BMFA compared to ALL the way across the country?) so I don't have my kit yet. As usual. I expect it today.

But it's indeed lovely! And at least if spoilage happened, it was from a friend.... (last time, there were unwary comments on the BMFA blog that blurted out the color in the 'no spoiler' post, so I have not even been going there since the internationals have been getting theirs).

But hey, I have something to look forward to, going home from work tonight!

Hope your energy's coming back and you're feeling more serene after your doctor's visit & heartbeat hearing!


PS: I love how the picture looks like a big happy face with big googly yarn cake eyes!


Cece! You just got me in trouble at work (not really). I was reading your latest post and my colleague asked me what I was looking at - she thought it was underwear and boobie covers. I had to explain it was just a toe of sock to her. Enjoy the new socks (I'm just beginning my second one from last time - sockitis unfortunately and a hang nail on my pointer finger has made progress slow).


Yep, I'm with you on a world that color. Or those colors.

Indeed, pregnancy does tend to lead to having a baby, and babies are fun to knit for. Yay!

(I once knit a pair of cast socks for someone whose feet were fine inside the cast while her toes froze; I called them toe condoms.)


I just got home from a few days away and my yarn was waiting for me! LOVe it which is nice - as I often don't love the club yarn. MIGHT even try the pattern!