Monday, May 19, 2008

Hey! I knit!

Few things. First - what do you think of my new header? Doesn't it rock? You can have one too! Go talk to Cali and she'll hook you up.

I did, sadly run out of yarn for the toe of my Monkey KawKaw sock. But - because the gals from camp are AWESOME my pal Irish Girlie is sending me some leftovers. Hurrah for Sock Camp Pals!

The good news is that by running out of sock yarn, I got my knitting mojo back! I picked up my Central Park Hoodie - and I'm loving knitting again. I guess I was just done with socks (which rarely happens). Anyway - when I stopped knitting on this maybe 5 months ago - I was just about to start the back armhole shaping on the back:

This weekend, I knit and knit (and shopped - but I'll get to that in a moment) and I have the back, left front, and started on the right front! Happy! Loving knitting! Hurrah! This picture isn't doing the color justice at all - it's more of a bright purple. Happy Sigh.

Shopping will be discussed in detail in my next post - but let's say that the reality of day care costs (eek! in 9 months I will considerably less disposable income!), and the fact that WEBS was having their tent sale this past weekend, resulted in enough yarn for 2 sweaters for me, yarn for a baby blanket, and an AWESOME knitting bag.



Wished I could have made it out to WEBS on Saturday. Looking forward to seeing what hitched a ride home with you :-)

Nice Progress on CPH!


Oh, and I love your new header!


Yeah for IrishGirlie!

Once a week blogging - now that's funny considering my track record is abotu once a month!


Your new header is awesome! I am looking forward to your webs post.


I love both of your new banners.Hope you have a great week with lots of good knitting time.


I love the banner! Great progross on your CPH, too.


Your new header rocks!


The header is awesome! So is Cali, obviously!

And good job with the shopping, well done!