Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Shall we take bets?

Who thinks I'm going to make it with this tiny ball of yarn and 3 repeats of the pattern to go?

I'm just going to keep on knitting and pretend like I don't see what is happening.

In other news, this weekend is the Webs Tent Sale - and I'm really excited about it. I have at least one sweater's worth of yarn that I want to buy, and I know I'm going to pick up some fiber to spin. After the sale, some of my knit buds are going to go with me to the cabin for an overnight! And the weather is looking like it is going to cooperate for a perfect 'sit inside and knit' weekend.



Now that's cutting it close!

Have fun; sounds like it'll be a great weekend.


Living life on the edge -- I love it!

When it's someone else who is doing it, that is. :-)


I think you will make it! I am soo jealous of you going to the tent sale! Have fun!


My skein of kawkaw is on its way. If you need a little extra I'll send you some of mine. Have fun this weekend. I am jealous!!!!!!!!!


I think you can make it... But it will be close. I've got my fingers crossed.
Maybe I'll see you at WEBS on Saturday.


You'll make it.... down to the wire :-) Fun to live on the edge eh?

Have fun at WEBS. I was supposed to go with a group and it was canceled last minute. There will always be a next time :-)


You might. The funny thing about sock yarn IME is that it lasts longer than I think it will.

If not you will have a pair of socks with one charmingly contrasting toe.