Friday, April 25, 2008

I'm dreaming about the amount of socks I have on the needles.

I decided I have to blog about the ridiculous number of socks I have on the needles after last night's dream. I was feeling sick in my dream (not really far from the truth at this point), and I was throwing up roving (I did spin a bit last last night, maybe that is where that came from?!). And while I was throwing up - I was surrounded by all my sock WIPs. Pregnancy dreams, I guess?

Anyway - here's to hoping that fessing up to all the socks I've been casting on for will at least calm down my dreams a bit!

First up, Bartholomew's Tantalizing Socks, from Cat's book. I started this for the plane ride to camp - and I love it. It's pooling in a pretty whacked way - but the way the linen stitch goes down the front of the leg is very neat.

When I arrived at camp, my friend Frieda gave me the neatest gift - Flat Feet! The yarn is knit up into a square, and you unravel it as you knit to make socks! I switched to knitting on these for camp, since the Cat sock was a bit to involved to knit and talk and have fun all at once.
When I arrived home, I found my first kit from The Tsock Tsarina waiting for me. This pattern was the reason I signed up for her Flock Sock club! Firebirds!!!
It's a really complicated pattern, which does eventually start to make sense... but at the end there is a significant amount of embroidery... which I'm a bit nervous about. I choose to not think of that for now.

Distracting everyone from the fact that I also signed up for a Monkey KawKaw KAL that is starting this weekend.... I show you some of the bulbs that have come up now that spring has arrived! I went a bit overboard in the fall - and I think Aaron and I planted over 600 bulbs.

I planted daffodils, iris, lilies, and alliums - hopefully they will bloom all at different times. The goal was to have a garden that had things flowering almost all spring and summer, but didn't need to be replanted every year. So far, so good!

And how cute are these little daffodils?



I really wanted to join the tsarina's club but with the Bat Mitzvah this year the funds just weren't there. I can't wait to see your firebirds when they are done!

I still haven't started anything from Cat's new book, I'm trying to finish a few WIPs first.

Love the jonquils!


Uh.oh. Bad sock dreams?! Hopefully casting on the Monkey Kawkaws will resolve your sleepless nights :) I know, I get a bit stressed with too many socks on the needles, but just means we need to keep knitting!!

Love how the flat feet knit up !


Throwing up roving -- I love it. Was it roving the exact color of barf?

What species of daffie is that little multiflowered one? Must have some.