Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A few Sock Camp pictures

Slowly adjusting to life back in the real world. Sock Camp was wonderful! This year it was a day longer - and that made it a little less hectic than it was last year. We had great classes where we learned about Cat's new sock architectures, traveling stitch's with Cookie, a bunch of great cast ons with JC (the woman who designed the Broiche Sock, who I stalked on the internet and called on the phone when I had a problem with the pattern!? She is just as nice in person) and of course, a whole class where we learned 'It's not Tina's fault'! Very fun!!

I got to see friends that I made last year, and made some new ones - which was a blast. I even managed to learn that a fellow camper was an ob/gyn - so if I was freaking out about something pregnancy related, I had her to ask questions too (and she didn't even seem to mind!).

I have to admit - my favorite day was Monkey Making Day. Mine was kind of tame (the one on the right that looks like Shrek)

This one is the Brokeback Monkey - if you look close, you may see a little surprise:
This group cracks me up:
And here is Debbie, the woman who wrote the Sock Monkey pattern - totally covered in sock monkeys!
I know this was only really one day - I pretty much forgot that I brought my camera. But I loved the sock monkey's - and so many people went totally overboard! Steph's sock monkey was wearing an argyle vest! But I'm totally making more of these sock monkeys. Totally.



Yay for monkeys!

I did remember the camera so uploaded over a thousand photos Sunday night....have yet to do much with them, though. Many are nature & flowers though. And not so good knitters in action pictures.


Yay, sock monkeys! If I made a sock monkey it would be bright green, because it would be madly jealous of all the monkeys that got to go to sock camp.

But my higher nature (if any) is really, really glad you had such a good time. And that the science project continues apace. Yay, science project!

Did you know my daughter has an Earth Day birthday?


I have been looking for this pattern everywhere!! Please, where can I find the monkey!

Thanks and best regards,

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