Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Smalls bit of excitement.

I'm still knitting on Jeanie. And still loving it... but the picture gets no more exciting. I'm about 1/3 of the way to length I want. The pattern calls for it to be 70 inches - and I now know from some super successful wraps that BIGGER is BETTER - I'm going to try for at least 90 inches. But, I'll have to see where the yarn takes me.

Speaking of yarn... (nice segue, eh?) I made a bit more over the past week. This is superwash (I think Party Dress?) from Spunky. It's about 104 yards plyed - and I have a bit more in singles still to ply:

I want to make some sort of baby item out of it - but am still looking for a pattern. Don't think there is enough for anything but maybe booties and a hat? Suggestions are welcome.

Knitting, blogging and spinning time has been a bit limited lately. I've been running into Boston every few days in the early morning (prime blogging time) to get monitored on the baby making front, and weekends and evenings are taken up with the living room renovations. Well, truth be told, on my end, it's been more SHOPPING for the finished room - and a gal can't really complain about that! But soon enough, I'll be on 'chair' rest for a few days (working on keeping the little embryos IN), and loads of knitting will get done then. I have visions of finishing Jeanie by the end of next week. Ha. At about an hour an inch - there is still a heck of a lot of knitting to go.



keeping you in my thoughts and prayers...your yarn looks lovely btw!


Love the colors! You could use it to accent other yarns and knit a Baby Surprise Jacket.


Or maybe Ruth's pattern for baby pants... I'm not sure if there's enough.

Spinning tonight?


Very pretty yarn! A baby hat and booties would be adorable with it.