Saturday, March 15, 2008

Friends helping us through

So, yesterday was my egg retrieval for our IVF cycle. I'm not going to link to what happens during an ER - because it sounds 1000 times more scary than it really is... but I will admit it's one of the harder parts of this whole process.

We always get there nice and early, so we aren't stressing about silly things - but that always gives a lot of time to wait. Which, as a knitter, you know what I"m doing (at least until the IV goes in!).

That picture makes me smile... the yarn and the little lucky Zebra are both gifts from friends. I've taken little Z as I like to call him on most of my appointments, and I been very dedicated to the knitting on Jeanie - I'm at 40 inches now!

Again, thanks for all the good wishes for this cycle - I know all the good thoughts floating around must make some difference!



i'm glad to know that the icky egg retrieval went okay; i'm sure it was in part to the fact that your lucky zebra was there to oversee things! :)


Glad things went well! Keeping my fingers crossed. Love your lucky little "Z" .


Fingers and legs crossed! Oh. Maybe just the fingers.


Good luck, I will be thinking all the positive thoughts for you.


I have my fingers crossed for you! Good luck. I used to knit during my appointments too during that 30 min post IUI lay on the table