Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's easy being green.

On Friday, I couldn't stand it anymore. I cast on for a sock. With happy Spring Green yarn from Sunshine Yarns. I then checked the STR blog, and find I should be expecting my new sock yarn on Saturday. So I raced to finish my new sock (note not the pair) before the new yarn arrived. And then I didn't get it on Saturday. I probably should have went back to Jeanie, but I was having so much fun not having to k1p1k1p1k1p1k1p1 that I kept knitting on the sock. I finished one, and was well past the heel on the second by Monday afternoon.

And then the STR arrived on Monday. Hence:

So, I've got the STR in this great Lucky colorway, and an awesome Cat Bordhi inspired pattern:
And an awesome Feather and Fan sock that I've wanted to make every since I bought this yarn.
(Ha. Didn't notice that you could see the sanded hardwood flood in the picture. Any guesses at what Aaron is up to this week?)

Anyway. I could wax poetic on both patterns. I love them both for different reasons. But - I'm saving that for a different day. I will tell you that the Lucky's are getting finished first!



Your socks are both awesome. I should have known it would only take you a couple of days to knit. I hope you have fun this weekend.


Man, are you fast, especially given your foot size. Pretty socks!




They are both lovely colours of green and the patterns look good.