Sunday, February 03, 2008


It's rare, but this weekend was really relaxing. As anticipated, I was able to get pictures in our Mother/Daughter sweaters:

We noticed as we were sitting waiting for lunch that our right arms matched almost exactly (and it wasn't planned that way - I had gifted Mom's before I even started mine)
We had lunch at the Red Lion Inn (link has music), which my mom loves. It was a wonderful lunch - complete with mulled cider and rum. On one end of the dining room was a complete castle made out of candy, and the sock wanted to check it out:
But, most of our time was spent playing cards:
Or knitting and drinking wine.
All in all, a great weekend.



Sounds just like my kind of weekend (cards, wine and knitting). Love the sweater set - so cute!


The sweaters are absolutely gorgeous!


What beautiful sweaters! And to knit all weekend with your mom, really nice. My mom won't sit long enough to knit a row. Have a good week. :)


Huzzah! on the matching sleeves, and the happy mom. Noro just. does. that sometimes, when it wants to. Like it has a plan . . .

hey, can you shoot me a note with Penny's last name? You do know it, right?