Friday, February 01, 2008

Long Friday

Well. I'm at work right now, on a production support call. So, even though I'm excited to be leaving right after work to go to the cabin, it's going to be a long day until I actually get to drive there.


At least I have the trip to the cabin to look forward too! My mom's birthday is on Tuesday, so my present to her is doing whatever she wants this weekend (god save me). The good news, is that with my mother, that pretty much means going out to eat and playing cards. I finished my own Jabes so I'll get my picture of Mom and I in our matching sweaters. Of course, AFTER she sews in the zipper for me. I'm hoping to finish my Serendipity socks, but am also planning on bringing my CPH (past the armholes on the back) and a secret knit for a friend's 1st birthday (which is ridiculously cute).

See you on the flip side.



Ahh, cabins, sleet, moms for company. it sounds idyllic for the knitting. Have a comfortable and knitterly weekend.


Have a great weekend Cece, how lovely to be spending it with your mum. Can't wait to see the photos of the both of you in your matching cardigans.