Friday, January 25, 2008

'That' blogger

So - for fearing of becoming 'that' blogger - you know the ones - they only post FOs? You read every day and then BAM! a finished sweater?! I just realized that I've not really blogged about my knitting on my half of my planned Mom/Daughter Jabes set.

This is pretty much everything all knit up. I have about half of one front to finish, then the collar. Still glad I'm making two, and still loving the Transitions yarn. And the colors! I did have the normal 'very annoying Noro Knot' issue - and it was on a front, and the color change looked horrible - so I ripped back a few inches and started with a different spot in the ball. I've actually never done that before - I usually let Noro do whatever - knot or no. But I really think I'm going to wear this a lot - and don't want a stupid striping issue to make me not want to wear it. Plus - ripping out work on a chunky knit is a lot less stressful than something that knitting at a small gauge.

Hopefully I'll block it this weekend. I have this vision of wearing it when I see my mom for her birthday next weekend, and getting a picture of the two of us wearing them together.




The colours are very nice and will look lovely on you. I hate the knot issue too.


LOL, about being "that blogger". I am often that blogger although I don't post about FO's so frequently as I'm always lacking time to knit or spending it all fixing my screw-ups! I'm always shocked by the folks who are constantly finishing something new.

Oh and I love the sweater by the way. And that's sweet about your mom, not dorky.


I always enjoy reading your blog posts at the end of my day. I help business people blog, so I'm reading a lot of business blogs all day long. When I get to yours it's such a pleasure! My work day is over and it's time to knit. Thanks for the inspiration!



Those colors are spectacular, and I bet they look great on you. And dorkiness can be fun.