Monday, January 28, 2008

New socks rock.

Just teasing! Not a whole pair yet! But I got my first installment of the Rockin' Sock Club for 2008, and as usual, I love it. And, as usual, not something I would have bought myself. Any time I'm facing a wall of STR, I just get overwhelmed and end up not buying anything - and I have the same problem with their website! That is about 50% of why I sign up for the club each year (the other reasons are the fun people, and my love of Tina and her color sense!). Here is the sock!

The pattern says 'Take a simple lace stitch and a handpainted yarn. Sometimes, magic happens. It's Serendipity!" I have to say that I'm really glad that pattern isn't something super complicated this month - I was able to carry this around with me all weekend and just enjoy the colors and the simple lace pattern.

Ok - off to work. The weekend needed to end sometime. Blech.



How do you do it? I just got mine on saturday! You also seem to like all the colors- always!


Very nice! I wouldn't buy that colorway either, but you're right, sometimes it's fun to get pushed into things.


That looks great! My package is being held hostage by Tina until I come in this week. However, we had a snow event overnight and I may not be able to get up there this week. I'm kinda bummed. ;)


Your sock is amazing. I do not know how you can knit them up as fast as you do. Have a great week.