Sunday, January 06, 2008

Slow on the Uptake

Well gals, I spun today. On my own wheel. Looks like I'm having a drive band issue (like how I'm talking as if I know what I'm saying?).... so my wheel is slow on the uptake. And that phase cracks me up! I did get to spend some time with old friends and new, and most are captured in this not so great iPhone shot:

From left to right we have Julie, Lucia and Julia (who is trying to make my wheel behave). Despite having some wheel issues, I can totally understand the draw to spinning. Once I get my groove on, it seems like it will be meditative. Currently, it's maddening.... but I'll get there.

I'm finishing the front and neckbands on my Kimono right now, maybe I'll be able to block that tonight. I'm loving it - but having a small amount of angst that it's the lace isn't going to block out as much as I need/want it to.



It was great to see you! And I'll see you Tuesday, I hope.


well, i hope that you and your wheel learn to communicate better over time... it does seem like it would be very relaxing once you get going.

so, now that you know how to send photos to your computer from your phone, i can expect my kitty pictures any moment, yes? :)


whoo hoo on the spinning! Enjoy getting to know your wheel - maybe it'll behave after it gets to know you LOL.

I sure hope your lace doesn't black out - can't have that ;) Blocking? Rumor has it lace blocks rather extremely so my fingers are crossed for you.


I've heard such good things about Dave (though never worked with him myself) that I'm very surprised he returned your wheel with no drive band. I think it would have been far less frustrating with that issue resolved the other ones aside. Still kicking myself for taking that kitchen twine out of my bag to make room for the gingerbread.;) It was nice to see you again!