Sunday, January 13, 2008

Lookie what we did!

For anyone who has been in my yarn room, you can understand what a daunting task cataloging all my yarn for Ravelry may be. I've been putting it off for months (well, pretty much ever since I saw that feature on Ravelry!). In addition, there have been two extensive trips to Webs which resulted in a heck of a lot of new yarn... and I was a bit overwhelmed with what to do with it.

So I threw it into the yarn room still in the bags and ran away.

This weekend, that all changed. My friend Suzanne visited, and we spent the whole weekend in my yarn room, and it looks freaking AWESOME. Wanna see?

And now, you can go check out my stash on Raverly. It is ALL THERE. Everything. Any yarn that had a label is now in my virtual stash. I noticed that I have a lot of single balls of yarn. Some were bought on purpose (to make hats or other small projects), but a lot more are leftovers from projects. I need to cull through and offer some up for sale. Has anyone used that feature on Raverly? Do people actually buy stuff?

Off to do some knitting. I ran out of the brown on my Bird mitten, so that has been set aside for my Salish Sea socks - which I'm starting to love just as much. Trust me, the minute I get more brown yarn - these will be tossed aside for my most favorite mitten EVER, but I never claimed not to be fickle when it comes to knitting projects. Whatever. Here is the first sock:
That Cat Bordhi is a freaking genius. I'm definitely going to dive into her new book for my next pair of socks.



I am so impressed with the inventory and your room- hell I don't even have my photo up on rav!


I've done a lot of swapping on Ravelry, and I've sold some yarn that way too. It depends on what you are offering -- I had 2 large lots (sweater sized) that I was willing to part with for a good price, between 25 and 50% off retail. Single balls are harder, because people aren't interested in paying for postage for something that small. Can you get creative -- offer "samplers" (i.e. aran weight sampler of 5 different yarns) or kits (pair up oddballs that would work with a particular colorwork pattern, preferably a free one, and market it that way)?