Friday, January 11, 2008

Because I'm obsessed

I give you more Bird pictures. I did take the Little Edo off the blocking board, and am actually wearing it to work today! But, not only is it raining and yucky here, but Aaron is back to work for the first time in over three weeks! The headache has finally passed! Huzzah!

The bird, because it's that cute:

The front:
And the palm:
I really didn't make any progress on the left one yesterday, as I went to the gym and got punished in my complementary personal trainer session. Walking up the stairs is a bit 'interesting' today. But it's that good sore...know what I mean? Ok - off to drive to work in some insane rain that we are having.




They are the cutest mittens ever! Was knitting with 2 colors like that hard? I've been wanting to try it forever.