Monday, January 14, 2008

A is for.... Aaron!

Guess I'm kind of cheating, but if during this ABC-along, I'm supposed to post photos that are "a reflection of you and things that are meaningful to you" - Aaron pretty much is on the top of that list for any letter! But here are a few pictures of us that make me smile:

This is our first Thanksgiving together - we took Abby for a run on the beach - her first time!
Here we are in Vegas on Aaron's first ever roller coaster ride:
We traveled across the globe together (several times) and he even agreed to dress up for pictures in traditional Chinese garb:
And, he is the guy who can pretty much fix anything (usually) with a smile (usually):
I'm so lucky to have found such a perfect match. When we first met, we promised each other that this relationship is about having fun. If we ever stop having fun together, we know we are in trouble. Well, even though we have been through a rather stressful year, we keep on smiling and having fun with each other. I'm always thanking my lucky stars that Aaron came into my life. I can't imagine a day without him.



You two make the cutest couple.


So Abby got bumped!


Love: look at the 2 of you/us!!!

So very fine, you & your man :)

Happy New Year, CeCe!