Wednesday, January 16, 2008

First Socks of 2008!

I finished up my Salish Sea Socks (the final installment in the 2007 Rockin' Sock Club) yesterday. As the description on the pattern says, the architecture of these socks is a cousin to the Coriolis socks in New Pathways for Sockknitters, Book one. I already had bought this book, but was afraid to try it! Looked to me like the patterns were way to complicated. Boy was I wrong:

They are the best fitting socks I have ever made. Cat takes into account that not every one's row gauge is the same. Sure, you are forced to do a tiny bit of math - but it's absolutely worth it.

She had a 'wave' pattern worked into the arch shaping, and even had it be mirrored on each sock - so when you look down at your feet, you see a wake:

And of course, Cat couldn't have us just cast off! Look at this beautiful Wave Edge that you work using short rows:

I'm in love.



They are next up on my list. I spend some time this weekend making specific stitch markers, so i am ready to go!


So pretty! Love the blues and greens.