Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Yesterday. was a very cold day. I think the high was 21 degrees. So, I sat down with some nice warm steel cut oatmeal (with cherries and blueberries in it, yum) and some nice big wool to make a hat. Stephanie's Unoriginal Hat.

You see, the yarn was given to me by a friend, and I love it. And it's soft and nice - ready to be made into a hat. But I lost the ball band, so I wasn't sure on the yardage. Figured it MUST be at least 80!

Not even close. Damn it!

So I picked up some punchneedle (obviously wasn't in the mood to knit on any of the current THREE sweaters I have in the works). And ran on of thread on the first one. Then I picked up a second NEW punchneedle.... and of course, one of the colors I bought at the store was wrong.

Hey - at least Aaron and I won ourselves a jet for our band on Rock Band (aka the most fun time suck invented for an X-box).



Ha cold being a high of 26 we have been in the -3 -+5 for a week! Have I mentioned I hate winter?
I hate when you have something almost done and then you run out of yarn. I have been there! xo


I ran out of yarn 5 rows from the end on this hat. Sooooooo frustrating.


Well, it's pretty yarn, anyway. Maybe an Unoriginal Earwarmer?


Don't forget about the socks in the works too (couldn't resist). I think I might be running to Webs next week if they have the yarn I could pick you up some more.